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Carbon & Alloy Steel

carbon alloy steel

Carbon steel is an alloy consisting of iron and carbon. Several other elements are allowed in carbon steel, with low maximum percentages. These elements are manganese, with a 1.65% maximum, silicon, with a 0.60% maximum, and copper, with a 0.60% maximum. Other elements may be present in quantities too small to affect its properties.

Grades of Carbon & Alloy Steel We Supply

There are four types of carbon steel based on the amount of carbon present in the alloy. Lower carbon steels are softer and more easily formed, and steels with a higher carbon content are harder and stronger, but less ductile, and they become more difficult to machine and weld. Below are the properties of the grades of carbon steel we supply:

  • Low Carbon Steel – Composition of 0.05%-0.25% carbon and up to 0.4% manganese. Also known as mild steel, it is a low-cost material that is easy to shape. While not as hard as higher-carbon steels, carburizing can increase its surface hardness.
  • Medium Carbon Steel – Composition of 0.29%-0.54% carbon, with 0.60%-1.65% manganese. Medium carbon steel is ductile and strong, with long-wearing properties.
  • High Carbon Steel – Composition of 0.55%-0.95% carbon, with 0.30%-0.90% manganese. It is very strong and holds shape memory well, making it ideal for springs and wire.
  • Very High Carbon Steel - Composition of 0.96%-2.1% carbon. Its high carbon content makes it an extremely strong material. Due to its brittleness, this grade requires special handling.

O'Neal Steel stocks a wide variety of carbon steel plate, shapes, and bar products in the hot rolled condition. Contact our staff to select the carbon steel product that is right for your application.


Angle is a hot rolled, steel angle shape with inside radius corners that is ideal for all structural applications, general fabrication and repairs.

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Carbon steel structural beams are manufactured in two configurations: I-Beams and H-Beams. Both are constructed with horizontal flanges on top and bottom.

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Steel channel is a hot-rolled carbon steel channel shape. Constructed using a vertical web and top and bottom horizontal flanges with inside radius corners, it is available...

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Plate has been defined as a metal sheet with a thickness of 6mm or more; sheet is defined as metal that is thicker than foil and less than 6mm. Due to its higher thickness...

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Floor Plate

Selecting floor plates was once a rather simple task as a flat piece of carbon steel was the only offering. To meet demands of safety and appearance, steel producers developed...

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Steel sheet is material produced from coil and is most commonly found in thicknesses less than .180. Steel retains its original shape and form, and must be treated before or during fabrication to provide the desired flatness...

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Metal pipe can be used for structural applications or for fluid, gas, oil transmission. The choice of steel alloy used is determined by the application – steels that provide good performance...

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Bars are available in round, square, flat, and hexagon bars in the hot rolled or cold drawn condition. While hot rolled and cold drawn bars have the same general shape...

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While the terms tube and pipe are used interchangeably, there are technical differences between the two products. Pipes are generally considered to be used as a passageway to transport...

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Carbon steel grating is a heavy duty grating that can be used where open flooring is needed for air, light and heat transmission. It does not exhibit good corrosion resistance...

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Expanded & Perforated Metal

Carbon steel expanded metal is a carbon steel sheet that has been simultaneously slit and stretched into a rigid, non-raveling mesh with diamond-shaped openings.

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Grip Strut

Carbon safety grating, also known as Grip Strut, provides a very good load-bearing capacity in ratio to its weight and supports more load than bar grating. However, it is not designed for extremely heavy loads..

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