Aluminum Expanded & Perforated Metal

expanded and perforated aluminum

Expanded Metal

Aluminum expanded metal is an aluminum sheet that has been simultaneously slit and stretched into a rigid, non-raveling mesh with diamond-shaped openings. It provides a screening effect, allowing light, sound, air and water to pass through.


Because of its favorable strength-to-weight ratio and attractive finish, aluminum expanded metal has hundreds of uses from air filters to patio furniture to walkways.


3/16” .032 – 1 ½  .125

Perforated Metal

Aluminum perforated metals are used for a variety of uses, including filtration, safety and decorative products. Perforated metal is available in a wide range of hole sizes and patterns. The holes can be round, square, rect­angular, slotted, or decorative. There are many standard patterns, but custom patterns are also available.

Perforating can reduce the weight of a piece of metal without affecting its strength too adversely. Aluminum perforated metal has a greater structural strength than expanded metals of comparable thickness.


Aluminum perforated metal with small perforation patterns are used as filters to purify gases and liquids. Larger perforation patterns are used as machinery guards and protective screens to allow ventilation for motors, engines and electronic equipment.


Various sizes and patterns available in 4’ X 10’ and 12’ lengths

  • Regular - Is sheet simultaneously slit and stretched into a rigid, non-raveling open mesh.
  • Flattened - is manufactured by processing regular expanded metal in a rolling mill resulting  in a smooth flat sheet.

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