Carbon Steel Floor Plate

Carbon Steel Floor Plate

What is Floor Plate?

Selecting floor plates was once a rather simple task as a flat piece of carbon steel was the only offering.  To meet demands of safety and appearance, steel producers developed a method to roll a plate with a raised lug pattern. This raised lug pattern often takes on a diamond shape, making it commonly referred to as diamond plate. Since this product can be rolled in almost any grade or specification, the user now has many selections to choose from to satisfy their application’s needs.  Selections are now available which provide special cleanability (or paint-holding characteristics), better resistance to impact, the ability to support heavy loads with a minimum or weight and protections against chemical or atmospheric corrosion.

Floor Plate Patterns

The differences occur in producing the rolled raised figure (patterns) at regular intervals on one side of the plate.  The raised figure is produced by the final pass of a steel plate at hot rolling temperatures between one or more rolls – one roll having a pattern cut into it so that part of the metal on one surface of the plate is forced into the depressions on the pattern roll.

Individual floor plate patterns are manufactured exclusively by each producer of floor plate products, including diamond plate patterns.  Although there may be a close resemblance, floor plates from different manufacturers are not identical in dimension or appearance of “lugs”.

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