A588 Steel Plate

A588 Steel Plate


ASTM A588 steel plate is a high strength, low-alloy (HSLA) steel. It exhibits high atmospheric corrosion resistance resulting from a coating that develops on the metal after exposure to external conditions. With strength and strength-to-weight properties comparable to A572 steel, it is an ideal material for products that are exposed to weather.


A588 steel plate is used for products that are exposed to the elements.  These include:

  • Bridge plates
  • Gusset plates
  • Freight cars
  • Transmission and telecommunications towers
  • Housing and enclosures

A588 Steel Plate Sizes

  •  3/16 – 8”
  • 50K yield to 4”
  • 46K yield over 4-5
  • 42K yield over 5-8

Typical Chemical Properties

Carbon, Max %


Manganese, %

0.80 - 1.25

Phosphorus, Max %


Sulphur, Max %


Typical Mechanical Properties 

Tensile Strength ksi


Yield 2% Offset ksi


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