Carbon & HSLA Plate

Carbon & HSLA Plate

High Strength-Low Alloy Plate (HSLA)

Carbon plates with low ranges of alloying elements added.  The selection of the added elements varies depending on the desired properties, i.e. atmospheric corrosion, higher strength, etc. 

HSLA steel plate is generally intended for applications where savings in weight can be affected by reason of its greater strength.  These steels will vary in atmospheric corrosion resistance from equal to that of conventional carbon steels to approximately four times that of conventional carbon steels.  The materially greater resistance to atmospheric corrosion of certain of these steels can also contribute to additional weight savings through the use of reduced section thickness.

Purpose and Value

Higher strength to weight ratio (VS Carbon) Able to order thinner gauge material; thus receiving less weight – results in less actual cost of material
Higher strength (Yield and/or Tensile) Part will last longer, thus less replacement and labor costs.
Corrosion Resistant (some grades) Longer lasting, less maintenance, thus saving money

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