Carbon Steel Plate

Carbon Steel Plate

Plate has been defined as a metal sheet with a thickness of .2300" or more; sheet is defined as metal that is thicker than foil and less than .2300". Due to its higher thickness, carbon steel plate is used for products that require durability and strength but do not require the lower weight of a thinner metal sheet.

Over the years, certain dimensional limitations have been established.  Carbon steel plate, compared to bar, strip and sheet, is defined as:

Width (in)More than .2300.2299 - .2031.2030 - .1800.1799 - .0499
Thru 6 Bar Bar Strip Strip
Over 6 to 8 Bar Strip Strip Strip
8 Thru 12 Plate Strip Strip Strip
Over 12 Thru 48 Plate Sheet Sheet Sheet
Over 48 Plate Plate Plate Sheet

O’Neal Steel carries A36, A572-50, A1018, A588, A606 and A516-70 carbon steel plate.

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