Aluminized Steel Sheets

Aluminized Steel Sheet

Aluminized steel is carbon steel coated, through the hot-dip process, with an aluminum-silicon alloy.  The aluminum coating provides resistance to high temperatures and a bright appearance. The silicon promotes better adherence of the coating to the base metal.  Aluminized sheet and coil will maintain their bright appearance and provide long-term service at temperatures up to 900 degrees F – a higher temperature than comparable zinc-coated products can withstand.  Even though aluminum corrodes faster than zinc, the oxide that forms on aluminum adheres tightly, protecting the base metal.

Aluminized sheet is used for high temperature, corrosion-resistant applications that do not require a high strength-to-weight ratio. Products manufactured using aluminized sheet include dryers, incinerators, ovens, heaters and engine components.

O’Neal carries ASTM A463 sheet.

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