ASTM A1008 CS Type B Sheet

ASTM A1008 CS Type B Sheet


ASTM A1008 CS Type B sheet is a cold rolled low carbon, high-strength steel-alloy sheet with improved formability.. It is manufactured by annealing and temper rolling hot rolled steel sheets to provide formability, surface texture and flatness. The surface is matte finish and is oiled to prevent rust, allowing for use in exposed applications.


O’Neal inventories A1008 CS Type B sheet, which is used for the following products:

  • Appliances
  • Exterior automotive components
  • Stamped parts
  • Drawn parts such as furniture components
  • Shelving
  • Signs.


22(.028min)ga – 10(.1258min)ga

Typical Chemical Properties

Carbon, Max %


Manganese, Max %


Phosphorus, Max %


Sulphur, Max %


Typical Mechanical Properties

Tensile Strength ksi

20 - 40

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