Bar Grating

Bar grating is manufactured from strips of flat steel that are then welded together in a grid pattern. The resulting steel lattice is highly rigid and is the material of choice for heavy-duty flooring, slip-resistant walkways, and even steel staircases in the most demanding industrial settings such as chemical plants. It’s also a great choice for any sort of elevated walkway or in applications where space is needed between the ground and the walking surface. O’Neal Steel stocks galvanized, painted, and unpainted hot rolled bar grating.

Industries We Serve

O’Neal Steel supplies bar grating for a variety of industrial and commercial applications. Due to its versatility, bar grating is utilized by a number of industries including:

  • Structural Metal Fabrication
  • Industrial Building Construction
  • Commercial and Industrial Machinery
  • Conveyor Equipment Manufacturing

    Your Bar Grating Supplier

    Looking for durable bar grating? O'Neal Steel supplies hot rolled grating. For environments such as industrial facilities, we also supply painted or galvanized bar grating for added protection against corrosion.

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    Need your bar grating cut for an upcoming application? Our skilled processing team offers various value-added services including sawing, laser cutting, and more.

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    Bar Grating Defined

    Known for its exceptional strength, steel bar grating is the material of choice when workers need a safe, durable walking surface.

    Common Applications

    Steel bar grating has a range of different applications, including:
    • platforms
    • walkways
    • mezzanine decking
    • drain grates
    • stair treads
    • barriers

    We supply hot rolled steel bar grating in a range of dimensions and thicknesses. Need to request a quote?

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    Bar Grating Metal Types

    Hot Rolled


    There are many differences between hot rolled and cold-finished steel. The first is the process. Hot rolled steel goes through one high heat treatment process, while cold-finished steel requires further processing. After cooling to room temperature, cold-finished steel is then rolled again. This additional treatment process results in a stronger metal that can be used for more precise applications or projects that require a smoother aesthetic appearance. Compared to cold-finished steel, hot rolled steel surfaces are rougher. Hot rolled steel is typically used in applications where precise shapes and tolerances are not critical.


    • 1008/20
    • 1018
    • 1020/26
    • 1045
    • 4140/42
    • A1011
    • A36
    • A500
    • A513
    • A572
    • A992
    • AR235

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