Metal & Structural Beams

O’Neal Steel’s vast inventory includes aluminum and hot rolled beams available in a range of variants. Constructed with two flanges connected in their centers by a perpendicular segment called the web, beams are a familiar sight in many types of structures, from warehouses to skyscrapers.

Industries We Serve

We supply Wide-Flange and I-Beams for a variety of applications. Whether you’re constructing bridges or commercial buildings, O’Neal Steel has the beams to support your next project! Due to their versatility and dependability, beams are a coveted resource for a range of industries, including:

  • Construction
  • Prefabricated Metal Building & Component Manufacturing
  • Structural Metal Manufacturing
  • Scale and Balance Manufacturing

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    Beam Defined

    I-Beams vs Wide-Flange Beams

    The most common steel beam, the I-Beam is exceptionally strong due to its material and method of construction. This shape has many benefits such as:

    • High strength-to-weight ratio
    • Reduced need for additional support structures
    • Increased bending resistance, shear stress is resisted by the web

    One of the key differences between I-Beams and Wide-Flange beams is the size of the flanges. The parallel flanges are wider on Wide-Flange beams which gives the shape benefits such as:

    • Durability
    • Increased weight-bearing capacities

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    Beam Metal Types



    O’Neal Steel’s extensive inventory of aluminum products are offered in the following grades:

    • 3003
    • 5052
    • 6061
    • 6063

    Learn more about the aluminum shapes and grades we supply here.


    The high strength to weight ratio of aluminum, coupled with its corrosion resistance make it a great material for truck trailer manufacturers or marine applications. In addition, aluminum has ideal electrical and thermal conductivities, and is heat resistant, making it an ideal choice for power transmission equipment manufacturers.

    Aluminum can be easily formed and machined, and accepts a wide variety of surface finishes, although in most applications it needs no protective coating.

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    Hot Rolled


    There are many differences between hot rolled and cold-finished steel. The first is the process. Hot rolled steel goes through one high heat treatment process, while cold-finished steel requires further processing. After cooling to room temperature, cold-finished steel is then rolled again. This additional treatment process results in a stronger metal that can be used for more precise applications or projects that require a smoother aesthetic appearance. Compared to cold-finished steel, hot rolled steel surfaces are rougher. Hot rolled steel is typically used in applications where precise shapes and tolerances are not critical.


    • 1008/20
    • 1018
    • 1020/26
    • 1045
    • 4140/42
    • A1011
    • A36
    • A500
    • A513
    • A572
    • A992
    • AR235

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