Round Tube

Round tube is a hollow extruded shape with a smooth and seamless interior. O'Neal Steel supplies hot rolled round tube which can be used in an array of applications. Our round tube inventory includes both drawn over mandrel (DOM) and hot rolled electric-welded (HREW), making it easy for you to source the metal material you need.

Industries We Serve

Depending on the material, wall thickness, and method of welding, round tube can be used for a range of consumer and industrial applications. Some common applications for round tube include railings, engines, metal scaffolding, and ventilation.

Round tube is also widely used in manufacturing applications for a variety of other industries such as:
  • Truck and Trailer Manufacturing
  • Agricultural Equipment Manufacturing
  • Commercial and Industrial Machinery Manufacturing
  • Conveyor Equipment Manufacturing

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    Round Tube Defined

    DOM vs HREW

    We offer DOM (drawn over mandrel) and HREW (hot rolled electric-welded) tubes. The main difference between the two is their strength.

    Drawn Over Mandrel (DOM)

    DOM tubing starts with a welded tube which is then forced through a die to bring it down to its desired shape. The process results in a tube that is seamless inside and out, and a yield strength of up to 70 ksi (kilograms per square inch).

    Hot Rolled Electric-Welded (HREW)

    Conversely, HREW tubing has a visible seam on the inside and outside of the tube, and a yield strength of 40 ksi.

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    Round Tube Metal Types

    Hot Rolled


    There are many differences between hot rolled and cold-finished steel. The first is the process. Hot rolled steel goes through one high heat treatment process, while cold-finished steel requires further processing. After cooling to room temperature, cold-finished steel is then rolled again. This additional treatment process results in a stronger metal that can be used for more precise applications or projects that require a smoother aesthetic appearance. Compared to cold-finished steel, hot rolled steel surfaces are rougher. Hot rolled steel is typically used in applications where precise shapes and tolerances are not critical.


    • 1008/20
    • 1018
    • 1020/26
    • 1045
    • 4140/42
    • A1011
    • A36
    • A500
    • A513
    • A572
    • A992
    • AR235

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