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metal how you need it when you need it.

O’Neal Steel offers a variety of industry-leading processing services such as metal plasma, oxy-fuel, and tube laser cutting services. If you're looking for accurate and timely results from a dependable supplier to help maximize efficiency across your business, call us today! Our experienced operators and state-of-the-art equipment deliver customizable parts cut from carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

tube, bar, & beam cutting services.

Tube laser cutting applies the process and technology of laser cutting to linear material including beam, tube, and pipe. O’Neal Steel's metal tube laser services can accommodate 40’ of infeed, 40’ of outfeed, and offers capabilities up to 14 inches in diameter, square tubes up to 10 inches square, and rectangular tubes up to 12 x 8 inches. Learn More About This Service

sheet & plate cutting services.

With a variety of laser cutting services to offer, we're able to accommodate all size projects and processing quantities from short runs to full production runs. Our plate and sheet cutting services utilize various processes including plasma cutting, oxy-fuel cutting, fiber laser cutting, CO2 laser cutting, and more!

plasma cutting. oxy-fuel cutting.
fiber & CO2 laser cutting. Learn More About These Services


driving innovation.

At O’Neal Steel, we are constantly innovating our processes and leveraging the latest technology to better serve you. Logistics is no exception! By implementing next-stop and delivery notifications, we're able to keep our customers well informed about their shipments. Owning our own fleet of trucks is another giant leap that has enabled us to better ensure dependable delivery to your plant or job site. With 19 locations spanning across the central United States, we're ready to cover quite a bit of ground. Contact Us.

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