To produce metal components at different angles and shapes without welding or heating the metal, a variety of bending and folding technologies have been developed, particularly CNC press brakes and plate rolls. Metal forming is the process of reshaping metal sheets into finished parts through a variety of different manufacturing methods. The reshaping process occurs when the force that is being applied is greater than the material’s yield strength. O’Neal Steel’s value-added services include press brake forming for aluminum, hot rolled, and stainless steel.


 Forming Specifications and Advantages

Our press brake forming services create unique, customized parts for manufacturers. For folding or angling metal components, press brake forming is the solution. Our press brake equipment can accurately shape metal sheets to meet your project specifications with a high degree of angle accuracy.

When you have a project that requires a unique form, plate rolling is the solution. Our plate-rolling equipment can form metal sheets into cyclical shapes for manufacturing applications such as tanks, pressurized vessels, and more. O’Neal Steel’s skilled processing team can do it all, from Z-bends to custom folds.

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Japhet Millet-Rivera, Press Brake Operator

Japhet Millet Rivera Press Brake and Metal Forming Operator Dallas
Japhet Millet-Rivera, O’Neal Steel Press Brake Operator

Japhet is a press brake operator at our Dallas, Texas, service center. He started his career at O’Neal Steel in 2017 and has been growing with us ever since. Japhet has a wealth of processing experience operating our plasma burner, saw, and now, our press brake equipment. When creating custom parts with the press brake, he carefully cultivates a strategy to ensure parts are made correctly. His strategic thinking and technical skills have helped him work through a variety of exciting projects for customers.

Some of Japhet’s recent projects have included forming material for sports stadiums, creating railroad lines, engine covers, and more. O’Neal Steel supports a wide variety of industries, so the order schedule is always changing. According to Japhet, one of the most rewarding parts of his job is seeing the parts he’s formed in their final application.

Our team is committed to providing you with a diverse range of metal products and services, making it easy for you to source the material you need, how you need it, when you need it. We don’t just believe in service excellence, we deliver it. Japhet and our skilled processing team are ready to help with any of your upcoming applications. Do you need a material formed?

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Metal types that use metal forming

O’Neal Steel offers metal forming processing services to provide you with the custom sizes or shapes required for your specific application. These are the metal types available for metal forming.