Plasma cutting is a popular metal processing service and can be performed on aluminum, alloy, hot rolled, cold-finished, and stainless steel. O’Neal Steel’s plasma cutting services are frequently utilized by industries that require custom sheet and plate products. From construction to truck and trailer manufacturing, we’ve got the team, resources, and state-of-the-art equipment to cut an assortment of parts for your application.

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Plasma Cutting Specifications and Advantages

Plasma cutting offers a range of advantages over other forms of metal cutting. Plasma cutting is highly versatile, able to cut any electrically conductive material and almost any kind of custom shape with precision. 

By utilizing CNC technology, plasma cutting equipment creates holes, slots, custom parts, and more. If you’re looking for a quick turnaround, plasma cutting is a fast and efficient process. It can also be performed on a range of thicknesses. Our plasma cutting equipment is able to cut plate and sheet products rated to 1 – 1/4″ thickness. When you send your drawings over to our skilled processing team, we’ll carefully pull and cut the sheet or plate to match your project’s specifications. 

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Plasma cutting, also known as plasma arc cutting, utilizes a process similar to welding. After an electrode forms an electric arc between an electrode and the metal, a gas nozzle fires a stream of ionized gas.  The electric arc heats the gas to more than 20,000°C, creating a narrow, high-pressure blast of plasma. When the plasma makes contact with the metal, the plasma reverts to a high-temperature gas, which then cuts the metal. This process is also often referred to as burning.


Jeff Curl, Plasma Operator

O'Neal Steel Plasma Operator
Jeff Curl, O’Neal Steel Plasma Operator

With an incredible 44 years of service so far, Jeff Curl is one of our most valued and senior team members at O’Neal Steel. As a plasma operator, he doesn’t just believe in service excellence, he delivers it. “The best part of my job is the satisfaction of processing a client’s order, getting it done correctly, and on time,” Jeff says.

Throughout the years, he has played an instrumental role in thousands of processing orders. Recently, Jeff and our Evansville, Indiana, team tackled a project that involved 42,000 pieces for a customer. A project with that many pieces is no easy task, but Jeff and the team stepped up to the plate to meet the customer’s needs. We believe in delivering fast, accurate, and dependable service, so when you need an extra hand, we’ll give you one of our best.

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Metal types that use plasma cutting

O’Neal Steel offers plasma cutting processing services to provide you with the custom sizes or shapes required for your specific application. These are the metal types available for plasma cutting.