Are you looking for a dependable metal supplier with a 100-year legacy?

Scroll to learn more about how our revolutionary online ordering platform, PRONTO®, makes it easy to source a broad range of metal products and manage your O'Neal Steel account online.

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PRONTO® provides 24-hour access to the fastest and most accurate online ordering in the metals industry. Our revolutionary online platform gives you the flexibility to check our inventory, generate quotes, place orders, pay invoices, access mill reports, and more, when it's most convenient for YOU!

PRONTO® is desktop and mobile-friendly.

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Live Access To Inventory & Pricing.

Take control of your metal buying experience, save time, and place orders quickly and efficiently. PRONTO® gives you the ability to independently explore our inventory and pricing in real-time.

While using PRONTO®, you can save favorites, upload your part number list, see volume purchase discounts, and even search for particular products by part number.

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Generate Quotes & Place Orders.

Yes, we said 24/7, and we meant it! With PRONTO®, you and your team can generate quotes and place orders within or outside of normal business hours, making it that much easier to get work done when it's most convenient for YOU.

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SMS & Email Notifications.

By providing customers with delivery and next stop notifications, we're able to keep our customers well informed about their shipments. We now also offer SMS notifications regarding your material deliveries.

So, when you are on the go, but need to know, PRONTO® can send delivery day updates straight to your mobile device! Just like that!

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Manage Your Account.

If your work family likes to divide and conquer like ours, then you'll be glad to know that whether you need one login or twenty, we've got you covered. PRONTO®'s multi-user interface was designed with team needs in mind.

It's not uncommon to see estimators, buyers, project managers, and even executives co-managing their PRONTO® account simultaneously. With PRONTO®, your estimators can manage quotes, buyers can place orders, accounts payable can pay invoices, executives can generate reports, and project managers can view mill test reports.

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The PRONTO® Experience

I am not a technology person, but PRONTO® has made my life so much easier and saved me so much time.

The PRONTO® Experience

PRONTO® does everything for me. I quote, I buy, I receive notifications, and I pay my bills.

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