Metal Shearing

Metal Shearing

Metal Shearing is metal fabricating process for cutting straight lines on flat metal stock.

The shearing process involves an upper and lower and blade forcing past one another, with a space between them predetermined by a required offset. It is a preliminary step in preparing stock for stamping or pressing processes, and is used for cutting sheet metal sized out of a larger stock, like a roll stock.

Metal Shearing Process Attributes

  • Provides ability to make straight line cuts on flat sheet stock
  • Metal is placed between two blades: one upper and one lower blade. One of the blades will generally remain stationary.
  • Takes places on a machine commonly called a power shear or a squaring shear. This machine can be operated manually or with hydraulic, electric or pneumatic power.
  • Can cut relatively small lengths of material at a time because the shearing blades are able to be mounted at an angle. This reduces the overall shearing force needed for each project.
  • It has a trademark production of burred and deformed metal edges.

O’Neal offers metal shearing services for carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum sheet and plate products that are ½” or less in thickness. Re-squaring, which allows for tighter tolerances, is also available.

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