At its most simple, our logo is a team of six S’s to create the “O” and “S” in O’Neal Steel, but as you dig deeper, each “S” embodies who we are as an organization. The six S’s represent:

Safety. Sustainable. Strategic. Service. Stewardship. Sales.

Our logo captures the essence of O’Neal Steel, reflects the company’s longstanding legacy, and paves the way for how the company is moving forward. It symbolizes who we are and what differentiates us in the metal service center industry.

While our look is fresh and new, we remain committed to delivering the same exceptional level of service, respect, and dedication to each and every customer, every single day.

We Are Safety

Utilizing the most advanced safety technology and best practices allows us to protect our greatest resource—the O’Neal Steel family of team members. We will continue to invest in best-in-class technology to reach and maintain our goal of “Zero Incidents.”

We Are Sustainable

With 103 years in business, O’Neal Steel has adapted, evolved and grown. Our strength lies in how we take advantage of challenges and opportunities. This has—and always will—allow us to maintain operational excellence while positioning us for continued growth.

We Are Strategic

At O’Neal Steel, we embrace bold ideas that become part of our success strategy. To our culture of adaptability, accountability and legacy, we add TECHNOLOGY—a move that will improve all aspects of business—from order processing to sales and marketing to operations. We will continually enhance PRONTO®, maintaining our position as the industry e-commerce leader to deliver the best customer experience in the metal service center industry.

 Learn about PRONTO®

We Are Service

Service is our lifeblood—service to customers, to each other, to our suppliers, and communities. Our relationships have been forged through ten decades of excellence, delivering on our promise of consistently fast, accurate, dependable service.

We Are Stewardship

No matter how much we grow, we don’t take success for granted—we have been trusted with much and are accountable for our resources. We each recognize our duty to thoughtfully invest in ways that better serve our company and consider it our privilege to give back to the communities in which we serve.

We Are Sales

At O’Neal Steel, revenue serves as a tool to measure how well we are serving our customers and also to measure how well we are selling and serving one another internally. We are the dependable people who— through teamwork— deliver the best experience in the industry.


These strengths are the non-negotiable fundamentals on which our company was built and from which we will never waiver. As Kirkman O’Neal was fond of saying, “Difficulties do not deter us.” And he was right. We are galvanized by our vision for a better, brighter future.

Driven by our Legacy. Measured by our Mettle.