Tube laser cutting applies the process and technology of laser cutting to round, square, and rectangular tubing. Using a narrow beam of light, our Trumpf TruLaser Tube 7000 and LT8 tube lasers deliver precise cuts tailored to your specifications. Tubing can also be cut to custom lengths, all in one run. When you need metal components cut quickly for a project, tube lasering is a great option. O’Neal Steel’s value-added tube laser cutting services are offered on aluminum, hot rolled, and stainless steel tubing.


O'Neal Steel's Tube Laser Processing Tolerances and Specifications

Using our Trumpf TruLaser Tube 7000 and BLM LT8 machines, the laser cutting process precisely consolidates multiple operations that typically require various setups along with additional handling and labor. Our metal tube laser services can accommodate up to 40’ of infeed, 27’ of outfeed, and offer capabilities up to 10 inches in diameter for round tubes, up to 8 inches for square tubes, and up to 10 inches diagonally for rectangular tubes.

The versatility of our equipment combined with the expertise of our skilled processing team allows us to tackle complex cuts and process high-volume orders quickly. Do you need custom tubing components for a manufacturing project?

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To create metal components in an assortment of shapes, precise cutting is created with a narrow beam of light. The laser, combined with CNC technology, can perform cuts on tubing components with ease. This revolutionary machinery also allows material to be rotated so that multiple cuts can be performed in a single run, eliminating the need for additional setups and handling.


Derek Spraggins, Tube Laser Operator

Derek Spraggins BHAM Tube Laser Operator 2.0
Derek Spraggins, O’Neal Steel Tube Laser Operator

Derek currently operates our LT8 tube laser and is responsible for driving a variety of projects to completion at our Birmingham, Alabama, service center. “Whenever I’m cutting different shapes or parts that I don’t normally see such as a miter cut, I try to get that part as perfect as I can because I know an aesthetic might be associated with it,” he says. 

A typical day consists of planning, pulling tubing material up to 8 inches in diameter, and loading it on the tube laser to undergo processing. Every day is different because orders can range from 1 to 1,000+ pieces.

At O’Neal Steel, you will find a team committed to service excellence everywhere you look. Consistently delivering fast, accurate, and dependable service is a top priority. We are here to help you stay ahead of production, so you can have the extra time, labor, and warehouse space to focus on other projects.

Want to add a tube laser processing job to our schedule? Derek and the processing team are ready to help!

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Metal types that use tube laser cutting

O’Neal Steel offers tube laser cutting processing services to provide you with the custom sizes or shapes required for your specific application. These are the metal types available for tube laser cutting.