Derek Spraggins BHAM Tube Laser Operator 2.0

Have you ever created a project for the world stage? Well, our tube laser operator Derek Spraggins has: “The World Games 2022 had a lot of laser cutting involved, and it was very cool to have my hands involved in parts that the world would see. There were several statues erected, cut from steel tube, and tube lasered.”

Derek Spraggins BHAM Tube Laser Operator 2.0
Pictured: Derek Spraggins, Tube Laser Operator, Birmingham, Alabama

Derek currently operates our LT8 tube laser and is responsible for driving a variety of projects to completion. “Whenever I’m cutting different shapes or parts that I don’t normally see, such as a miter cut, I try to get that part as perfect as I can because I know an aesthetic might be associated with it,” he says. 

A typical day requires planning, pulling tubing material up to 8 inches in diameter, and loading it on the tube laser to undergo processing. Each day is different because orders can range from 1 to 1000+ pieces. 

At O’Neal Steel, you will find a team committed to service excellence everywhere you look. “We have a great group of guys. Some have been here for upwards of 40 years, some not even 5, but everyone has the same mindset, and working together with these guys to obtain a common goal is pretty great,” says Derek.

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