Aaron Davis Ops Supervisor
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Happy National Truck Driver Appreciation Week! This week, we are honoring and celebrating the unwavering dedication of truck drivers. 

We are incredibly grateful to our friends and partners at Ruan who help us deliver material to businesses all across the country. Truck drivers are the backbone of all business operations and essential to ensuring the delivery of goods and resources to communities nationwide. They dedicate long hours away from their families to serve industries like ours and yours. 

O’Neal Steel was created by one family, the O’Neals. Today, it is still owned and operated by the same family. Throughout our 104 years of operation, our family has grown significantly. When we say we’re driven by our legacy, we aren’t just talking about our rich history, we are also talking about the families that have, and continue to walk through our doors day in and day out. One heartwarming story we want to share with you this week is about our teammate and an O’Neal Steel legacy, Aaron Davis.  

From an early age, Aaron grew up immersed in the world of O’Neal Steel, all thanks to his mother, Brenda Shiver (known by many as BJ), who devoted an amazing 27 years of service to our organization. Her dedication and hard work not only left a significant impact at O’Neal Steel but also a lasting impression on Aaron.  

After pursuing various jobs, Aaron decided it was time to explore a new career path. His mother’s experience and the individuals he met at O’Neal Steel throughout her time paired with an opportunity that offered good benefits led him to start a job at O’Neal Steel.

Fast forward 33 years, and Aaron is still a part of the team today! He has worn various hats, taking on diverse roles within the company such as a Material Handler, Crane Operator, Machine Operator, Production Supervisor, Quality Manager, and is currently serving as an Operations Supervisor in Mobile. Every step of the way, he has carried forward his mother’s legacy, embodying the same dedication and commitment that she made years before him.

He has made a huge positive impact and found a passion for teaching others, whether it be how to run a machine, handle cranes, or even how to scuba (Fun fact: Aaron used to split his time between O’Neal Steel and being a scuba instructor. Now, he mainly sticks to diving into the world of metal.) 

But the story doesn’t end there . . . a new chapter unfolds with Aaron’s son and BJ’s grandson, Wesley. For the past two years, Wesley has been a truck driver for Ruan, regularly visiting the O’Neal Steel warehouse to pick up materials and transport them for delivery. During these times, Aaron and Wesley occasionally cross paths and get to share a hello. 

To Aaron, Wesley, and BJ, thank you for your service at O’Neal Steel and Ruan. We are beyond grateful for all our teammates, our Ruan partners, and the O’Neal Steel legacies that have let us continually be a part of their stories.

Driven by our Legacy. Measured by our Mettle.

Brenda Shiver
Aaron Davis and Son Wesley 2.0

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