O'Neal Steel Plasma Operator

“The best part of my job is the satisfaction of processing a client’s order, getting it done correctly and on time. I feel if I am going to do a job, any job, I should do it to the best of my ability.”

Jeff Curl, Plasma Operator
O'Neal Steel Plasma Operator
Pictured: Jeff Curl, Plasma Operator, Evansville, Indiana

Meet our plasma operator, Jeff Curl! With 44 years of experience, he is one of our most valued and senior team members at O’Neal Steel. Jeff doesn’t just believe in service excellence, he delivers it.

He knows our operations inside and out, from handling and cutting material to fixing machinery and even driving our delivery trucks. Jeff has played a vital role on our operations team throughout the years.

Recently, he and the Evansville, Indiana, team completed a project of 42,000 pieces for a customer. While this was no easy task, Jeff and the team stepped up to the plate to pull off the job.

At O’Neal Steel, consistently delivering fast, accurate, and dependable service is a top priority. Thank you for your dedication to service excellence and many years of service, Jeff!

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