Track the O'Neal Steel Truck Feature

At O’Neal Steel, we believe in adaptability and that as your business needs change, so should your tools. By applying customer feedback, investing in our technology, and committing daily to service excellence, we strive to deliver the best metal buying experience. The ease and convenience of using PRONTO® wouldn’t be possible without an incredible team dedicated to its continuous advancement, and your continued support.

Nothing compares to the excitement and anticipation of waiting for a delivery after placing an order, which is why last summer, we rolled out our new track the truck feature in PRONTO®. This feature works with your existing delivery and Next Stop notifications to eliminate the guesswork and help your team prepare for incoming deliveries.

Track the O'Neal Steel Truck Feature
Pictured: Tyrone and Agaba next to an O’Neal Steel truck

To deliver this feature, we collaborated with our dedicated transportation service partner, RUAN. Agaba, a RUAN app developer, recently joined Tyrone, an O’Neal Steel truck driver, on his delivery route. On the ride along, Agaba and Tyrone worked together to identify opportunities for potential improvement of the feature.

Thanks to Agaba, Tyrone, RUAN, and the PRONTO® team, it is easier than ever to keep your team informed about your material’s estimated time of arrival. As soon as your order leaves the O’Neal Steel warehouse, we will send you a shipment notification to let you know. In addition to your order details, this notification also contains a link to your customized tracking page in PRONTO®. From there, you can see the status of your delivery, the ETA, and the location of your truck.

You can also track the truck on the “Orders” page in PRONTO® by clicking on the delivery status next to an order. Don’t worry, we will still send your team a reminder when you’re the next stop in case you don’t get a chance to track your truck ahead of time.

Not signed up for delivery notifications? Let’s change that. Under the “My Account” dropdown in PRONTO®, just click “Notifications” and start adding team members. You can add as many people as you want.

Check out this feature and more in PRONTO® now.

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