ONeal Steel Saw Operator Tonney Burke

Meet our saw operator, Tonney Burke. Tonney has led an extensive career at O’Neal Steel. Before joining our St. Joseph, MO, team, he dedicated 16 years of service to our Shelbyville, IN, service center. Fun fact: Tonney’s son, Wesley, is also a member of our operations team in St. Joe. At O’Neal Steel, we’re not just driven by our legacy, we’re building it. 

ONeal Steel Saw Operator Tonney Burke
Tonney Burke, O’Neal Steel Saw Operator

Today, Tonney operates one of our Hydmech saws. After reviewing a customer’s specifications, he pulls and loads the material on the saw to undergo processing. Most of his jobs require miter and 90-degree cuts. After the cut has been performed and measures up to the customer’s request, Tonney unloads the material and packages it for delivery. Some of his favorite projects have involved cutting parts for rail car assembly and truck and trailer manufacturers.  

Tonney has a heart for service and is always willing to go out of his way to help others, from customers to coworkers. He often lends a hand unloading trucks or assisting others when needed. His perseverance and determination are truly unmatched. Does your application require a complex cut? You can count on Tonney and our skilled processing team to deliver your material exactly how you need it. 

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