Mark Beasley of O'Neal Steel

Customer Service is a broad term that can mean different things to different people across the metals industry. At O’Neal Steel, our brand of customer service drives us to understand customer needs, and our service efforts are focused on providing our customers with a top tier experience. We strive to make it easy for customers to source a broad range of metal products and value-added services by leveraging our inventory, equipment, locations, and technology.

Understanding Customer Needs
The discovery and understanding of customer needs is at the core of the O’Neal Steel approach to customer service. In order to make informed, mutually beneficial decisions, we work to ask the right questions and probe for the underlying customer needs. Our experienced sales staff is committed to customer success and focused on providing a service level unrivaled in the industry.

Diverse Customer Partnerships
O’Neal Steel is positioned to engage customers on a transactional basis with quick quote response and daily delivery available to most of our service area. Additionally, O’Neal Steel excels at more structured relationships that involve pricing agreements, release schedules, and a more integrated approach to partnership. Our wide product range and multi-location footprint make us ideally suited to meet a variety of potential customer requirements.

Multiple Sales Channels
In addition to the traditional district and sales rep-based service model, we proudly offer PRONTO®, our industry leading e-commerce platform. As business technology becomes more seamlessly integrated into our daily lives, PRONTO® stands ready 24 hours a day to service customer needs. Via website or app (Apple Store or Google Play), PRONTO® gives customers the ability to create custom part numbers and favorite frequently ordered parts in order to find items quickly and efficiently. PRONTO® allows the customer to easily get a quote and to convert that quote to an order in seconds at any time of day. Resources such as delivery notifications, the ability to seek out material certifications, and invoice search tools give depth to the service offering in PRONTO®.

Top Tier Operations Team
O’Neal Steel takes great pride in a long history of operational excellence. We strive for high quality service, on time delivery, and an operational flexibility that allows us to meet customer needs. With a varied equipment base and forthcoming technological enhancements to our material cutting quote process, O’Neal Steel is strongly positioned to meet customer needs.

Technology Driven
Technological innovation is a driving force for all forward-thinking businesses. A large portion of our push in this direction is centered on customer service as we strive to understand and aid our customers in growing their business. Technological enhancements in sales and operational processes allow us to improve efficiency and accuracy. From operational tech to the game-changing nature of PRONTO®, technology is at the heart of our push toward organizational excellence.

Consistent customer engagement and satisfaction is among our foremost objectives and central to the well-being of our company. At O’Neal Steel, enhancing the customer experience drives everything we do!