PSQ Straightness

Last month we showed you the ways precision ground bar can save you money! This month, as we continue highlighting this new product, we are answering five questions you may have when determining if precision ground bar is right for you.


1. How can I apply the bar?

If the end will be used in a rotational application (i.e. pistons, pins, gears, shafts, drills, etc.) there is a good chance there will be additional processing steps to the bar—meaning there is a great need for precision.


2. How can PGB help my current machining process or operation flow?

Depending on the additional processing steps your business completes, we have a variety of options to suit you. If you are using a CNC machine, bar feeder, or swiss machine, the machine will be optimally utilized with a precision ground product. Alternatively, if you are grinding the material internally to a finished diameter, we can save your business time and money with our finished product.


3. What if there are specific mechanicals my bar needs to meet?

We know some customers need certain mechanicals or heat treatment. We can easily meet these requirements for you, saving you money!


4. What if I have required finish tolerances?

Once you let us know the application of the bar, this can help give us an idea of the tolerances you need. Of course, we will confirm this with you! Often, customers purchase a turned, ground, & polished product (TG&P), but require either a bearing shaft quality (BSQ) or pump shaft quality (PSQ) tolerance. Our experienced team can offer you guidance when determining which is right for you.


5. What if I require a surface finish?

A surface finish is something we can easily accommodate. This is often measured in average roughness (RA), and the lower the number, the better or smoother the finish. For a precision ground bar, 32 RA is standard, while 63 RA is standard for cold finished bar. We realize not all applications require a smoother surface, but it is always important to us to clarify and confirm the different finishes you desire. O’Neal Steel will partner with you and present the best options for improving your operational efficiency.